Playstation All Stars: Battle Royale

Hi guys,

I had heard a few rumours last year about a combat game with all the top Playstation characters in it, and I honestly couldn’t see it really working. I know that’s pessimistic of me to say, but I’ve seen similar games from a number of different companies fail in the past. The first game that comes to mind when you think of success in this genre has to be Super Smash Bros. Even at it’s initial selling price of £50, (ridiculous!), it couldn’t put me off  getting Smash Bros. It was a proud piece of my N64 collection, and it was so different compared to other combat games I’d played that it has always stood out for me as a true classic.

So when games try to replicate something that was so dear to my childhood, I hope you can understand some of my pessimism towards games which do attempt this. But I am pleasently surprised by Sony and the developers they have teamed up with, SuperBot Entertainment. I only recently had a look at a full gameplay video, and it really sparked my intrigue towads All Stars. So I then went on to check out the character list, and damn you Sony, you’ve made a great selection. As much as I loved the Nintendo consoles when I was younger, ever since my first Playstation, I have been a massive fan of Sony Games and they have made some classic titles. So to see characters such as Sir Daniel Fortesque (from MediEvil) & Sweet Tooth (from Twisted Metal), it makes me even more excited about it.

This is a video preview from IGN, which shows off some of the great features of the game.

 Playstation All Stars preview

The character list confirmed so far is:

Big Daddy (Bioshock)

Cole MacGrath/Evil Cole MacGrath (Infamous)

Colonel Radec (Killzone)

Dante (Devil May Cry, reboot version)

Fat Princess (Fat Princess)

Heihachi Mishima (Tekken)

Jak & Daxter (Jak & Daxter series)

Kratos (God of War)

Nariko (Broken Sword)

Nathan Drake (Uncharted)

PaRappa the Rapper (PaRappa the Rapper series)

Raiden (Metal Gear Solid)

Ratchet & Clank (Ratchet & Clank series)

Sackboy (LittleBig Planet)

Sir Daniel Fortesque (MediEvil)

Sly Copper (

Spike (Ape Escape)

Sweet Tooth (Twisted Metal)

Toro Inoue (Sony’s Japanese mascot)

Playstation All Stars: Battle Royale is released on the 23rd of November, 2012. If I find out any more about this game, I will let you know as I am definitely going to keep reading up on this one.

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Game review – Darksiders 2

Darksiders 2 – PS3/Xbox 360/PC (August 2012), WiiU (Late 2012)

Death is humanity’s last resort.

Following the action-adventure game Darksiders, (released back in 2010), you are now given the opportunity to play as Death, one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocolypse. Darksiders 2 is a parallel sequal to the first one, as Death seeks to prove his brother War’s innocence by reviving Humanity during War’s imprisonment. War has been accused of starting the end-battle between Heaven and Hell on Earth prematurely, subsequently causing the destruction of all Human life. Death has to battle across light and dark, Heaven and Hell, life and death, and even time itself to ensure that his brother does not face execution.

The first Darksiders was one of those games where I would promise myself that I would only play it for just an hour, but would break this promise as I was unable to put the game down. The game itself had an intriguing storyline, and took the story of the Four Horsemen in a whole new direction whilst creating an impressively designed world, (reminiscent of Warhammer 40k), with a variety of bosses, environments and quests to complete. For those of you who haven’t played the first game, it is worth noting that Darksiders made it fairly clear that a large portion of the items and weapons throughout the game showed signs, (and I mean big signs), of influence from the Legend of Zelda series. Normally when a game imitates another title in such an obvious manner, it would be a cause for many grumbles, from both fans of the source of inspiration, as well as the critics. They managed to avoid this though, as it’s application of features such as a summonable horse, a boomerang-esque throwing blade, as well as the rest of War’s gear, just added to the enjoyment factor of the game.

So after Darksiders managed to hit a fairly high point of popularity, THQ had to ensure that Darksiders 2 would be able to achieve similar glory, (without too much repitition). So what did they change to avoid said repitition? Well firstly, the combat system has been renovated and rehauled to suit Death and his main choice of weapons, a pair of Scythes, (because one just doesn’t quite cut it…get it?). The new system has sped up the combat throughout the game as well as adding more combo-attacks and an easier way of switching between Death’s primary and secondary weapons. This fluidity is greatly appreciated, as there were a few times where the combat system was a little slow and clunky throughout Darksiders.

Which leads me onto one of the best new features of Darksiders 2, the character customisation. In the first title you were able to purchase new upgrades, abilities and weapons from Vulgrim, (a merchant who makes a re-appearence in the sequel), but there was limited choice. Now you can purchase a large variety of weapons, armour and talismans which can improve Death’s abilities/health/etc… to suit both your playing style and your chances of survival. You can also use skill points received from levelling up to purchase special attacks such as a teleport slash to deliver massive damage, and the ability to summon the dead to assist you in battle. There a number of new merchants located throughout the game’s vast worlds where you can purchase new combo’s, rare items, and they may even offer you side quests to earn extra XP, cash and items, (which are not to be ignored). As a bit of a gung-ho gamer, I tended to aim for the quickest and biggest damage weapons, whilst ensuring that I took minimal damage, and Darksiders 2 was able to allow me to optimise Death in such a manner. But if you prefer to crush your enemies with magic attacks or high-strength hammers, you will have no problem with being able to do that. You are also offered by Vulgrim the chance to respec, (at a small cost), so if you’re unsure of some of your decisions it is relatively easy to correct them.

Darksiders 2 has managed to keep up the mantle of the first game by offering an RPG-length experience within the Action-Adventure setting, as it took me just over 23 hours to complete the game. However, that didn’t include completing all of the side quests, and additional quests received from downloadble content, so you could easily be playing the game for up to 30 hours. For me, this is always been a big selling point for a single player title, as there has been numerous occasions where I have completed a game before I even realised it was over (*cough* Wanted *cough* 2.5 hours *cough*). When you’re shelling out your hard-earned cash, a game needs to be able to offer something to make that worthwhile and Darksiders 2 has definitely completed that task. The side quests can range from defeating a collection of enemies to collect items, defeating hidden bosses, finding specific items in dungeons, and completing a variety of trials in The Crucible. So you will have plenty of chances to stray from the main storyline if you feel like it may be over a little quickly for you.

The storyline has been very well written, and even contains a few twists and turns which you may not be expecting. You won’t find yourself in the same area for too long as there are a number of dungeons and different worlds to explore, each with their own types of enemies and bosses to take on. I did find at points that there were a few times where I would be so close to achieving a goal, only to be blocked by someone offering me a different quest as they didn’t seem to really want me to, you know… save Humanity! This wasn’t a massive issue for me, but it did seem that these quests should be considered as chances to extend the length of the story, rather then offering any real story-line advancement. Fortunately, not all of these moments were entirely pointless as you would usually be rewarded with additional items, chances to level up, and even new gear which would open up secrets in previously unaccessible areas. Some of the extra gear does offer a slight issue for me though. I was happy with Darksiders being influenced by Zelda, but when you are given items which are pretty much copies of other recent games, it does give the impression that the creators decided not to bother with coming up with original ideas. The best examples of this had to be the Voidwalker gun, which creates two portals used to complete puzzles, (I don’t think I need to explain which game that’s from… ok, it’s Portal), and the heavy-style gun sequences which were very reminiscent of THQ’s recent title, Warhammer 40k: Space Marine.

As I mentioned previously, the combat system is now far more fluid then it’s predecessor, as is the movement system. This is understandable really as it needed to be smoother to compliment the combat, but this isn’t exactly glitch-free. There were a number of occassions where I would find myself making silly, (and costly), mistakes whilst traversing some of the more platform-esque areas of the game due to the game being unable to keep up with me. With the new movement system, you are presented with a fast-paced, thrilling experience as you jump and sprint across walls, but you have to ensure that Death is facing in a particular direction, (or has the correct item equipped), before carrying out these moves. This can become particularly infuriating during some of the sequences where you have to avoid encroaching dangers and timing is of the essence, but you find yourself unable to tell Death to jump to the left instead of up, (leading to a very awkard, and painful, death!). The best way of summing up this infuriating issue is by telling you how many times I died, which was the very high number of 136! I should point out that most of these were environment deaths where you are resuscitated quickly and with only a small amount of health loss, but this is still counted as a death. If you aren’t a fan of your friends knowing how many times you’ve died, you may not want to play this one whilst being online, as the game takes it upon itself to divulge this fact, (instead of just telling your friends which game you’re on). This isn’t such a bad feature as it’s more of a source of laughter when you realise your friend has died even more times then you have.

The graphics of the game are not the most impressive, but this tends to be due to the style that the creators have gone for, (which is fairly clear with the character/level design), so you can forgive them for that. The main visual issues the game suffers with is a decrease in frame-rate during some of the more visually impressive moments, such as in one level where a wall crumbles and floats away, but I was unable to really notice this due to the camera slowing down, and I pretty much missed this happening.

I definitely enjoyed Darksiders 2. The writers of the game have created a universe which I find very immersive and enjoyable. It is also a relief to see a game which not only offers lengthy gameplay, but a variety of ways to customise the main character to suit each gamer’s own style. However, it does let itself down a little bit when the movement system can lead to too many issues and slightly embarrassing deaths when they really shouldn’t be occurring. Also, I think I would be more willing to offer the game a higher rating if some of the main story quests didn’t feel a bit like time-fillers rather then real contributions to the story itself. Plus the fact that there are quite a few borrowed ideas from a number of recently released titles, is a bit of a problem for me. However, I am definitely holding out hope for a follow up game and can’t wait to see if THQ will carry on the series.

Score: 8/10

The Olympics and the “Big Brand” debate

(I do not claim any ownership over this logo, or this design/image)

Hi all,

I mentioned in a previous post that I was going to discuss the issue of advertising restraints and the olympics, but I have decided to only cover this briefly as I have been so impressed with the actual events themselves.

I think we can all agree that the government has been very protective over the event and the branding that goes along with it. And as unfortunate as it is to say, the olympcs itself can now be considered a brand. There have been some cases where the “Brand Police” (as they have been nicknamed) have taken certain things a little too seriously, such as stopping a group of eldery ladies knitting little olympians and asking a butcher to take down his Olympic rings display made from sausages. I’m not going to lie, little knitted olympians are amazing! But to stop them from doing this when they were only charging a pound, and this was being donated to charity, seems a bit much.

I should explain the laws behind this so that you have a better understanding as to why such enforcement has had to happen. Back in 2006, further laws were passed (the London Olympic Games and Paralympic Games Act 2006) to ensure that only official sponsors of the Games are allowed to use the brand and logos/phrases that come along with it. So, for example, McDonalds is allowed to use all aspects of the Games to help advertise their products as they have paid for the right to do this. Once you start to see just how much money is exchanged from these companies, you can see why both the sponsors and the Olympic organisers would start to become cautious over un-official merchandise and counterfeit products. There is even a list of key words that cannot be used by non-sponsors in any of their adverts, which is split into two sub-lists, words which cannot be used on their own and words which cannot be used in conjunction with each other. These can range from obvious words like “Olympics” to combinations of words such as “2012” and “medals”.

So it is quite clear that advertisers have been given a lot more hurdles to have to jump (see what I did there?) before they can create their next advert. Yes there have been a few cases where the “little guy” has been quashed by “the man”, but I think we should bare in mind that most of the cases involve companies illegally breaching copyright laws. If you created a logo and spent hours creating a product, wouldn’t you want to protect them too? But we are forgetting one big thing, it’s the Olympics! It’s time to be proud of the fact that we are hosting them in our country, and it’s time to be proud and give our full support to all of the members of Team GB. Over the past few days, we have seen a massive increase in medals for them, including 3 gold medals in one day! And what our olympians need from us is our support, not us getting way too bogged down in all the technicalities of advertising before we can even cheer them on.

But in the end, advertising restraints shouldn’t be our main concern during the Olympics. When you boil it down, it’s a sporting event and we should be cheering on our national teams, pushing them to glory. So let’s focus on the sheer amount of effort the Olympians have had to put into their respective sports, and be proud of everything they do.

Over & Out.

Game review – Max Payne 3

Max Payne 3 – PS3/Xbox 360 (May 2012), PC (June 2012)

Time to bring the Payne once again.

Max finally returns to our consoles after a nine year break, bringing his infamous painkiller addiction and renowned morbid approach along with him. Originally the game was scheduled to be released in 2009, but delayed a number of times over the next few years before Rockstar Games announced an official release date, March 2012. After one final little delay, for old times sake, the game was finally released on May 18th 2012. Since it’s first announcement the game has certainly been taken in a new direction, not just in plot and visuals, but the team behind it has changed too. Instead of being created by Remedy Entertainment, (as the first two were), Rockstar took over the project and brought Dan Houser in as the new lead writer, (Writer of Red Dead Redemption and GTA IV).

For me, the plot has to be one of the games strongest points. After years of struggling to cope with the loss of his wife and infant child, Max has sunk further into depression. He is offerred a chance to escape the city which holds so many memories for him by a friend with an opportunity in private security. Leaving the dark alleys of New York City behind, Max hopes to create a new life in Sao Paolo, Brazil, where he is tasked with protecting the members of a wealthy family, the Brancos. Years of experience have taught him that his life will never be simple, and things soon begin to spiral out of control. He tries to repair the damage that has been done, but uncovers a conspiracy that could rock the city to it’s very core.

Dan Houser has shown again how his writing style can truly set a game aside from all others in it’s genre through many twists and turns, which make it a fantastic experience. Even though the game doesn’t offer the same sandbox environment that their previous top-sellers have offered, Rockstar have still created an action-packed story without it being too short. It also doesn’t suffer from dull moments that have plagued many other action/adventue games in the past. Max’s morose insights on things can make even the simplest of moments feel like they may be more important, and his sharp wit and bluntness creates the great film-noir style that was so well presented in Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne.

Bullet Time makes it’s return and it has been refined to feel a lot smoother, offering plenty of intense shootout moments and a number of set slo-mo sequences. These give you the opportunity to take out a group of enemies, usually by jumping out of windows or grappling down to them. This can be a bit repetitive at times and it can become fairly obvious when one of these is about to occur, but are still enjoyable and can give you a useful advantage. One of the main new features is the cover system, which adds a more realistic feel to the game and gives you a little more time to recover when you’ve taken one too many bullets. I will admit that when this was first announced I did become a little sceptical, as other games have used this and ended up suffering with random (and conveniant) cover having to be placed throughout them. But I am happy to say that this is a welcome change to the series, and adds to the threat that Max is under.

There are a couple of issues that do appear throughout the game. The first being the controls, which can be a bit confusing at times and show signs that (like the original games) it may be more suited for the keyboard/mouse set-up. This comes down to the combination of a third-person shooter with Bullet Time and the cover system, so you can tell that there was a lot to fit into one controller. But I didn’t find this too inconveniant and it only led to a couple of deaths for Max. The frame rate is the other issue, where it can dip during the cut scenes where a lot is going on and it can occasionally occur even when the action calms down.

Once you have gone through Max Payne’s rollercoaster of a single player, there are a few extra features which will make the game last bit longer. There are a few additional challenges, such as the time trials and trophies/achievements, but the main extra feature is the multiplayer. The “Gang Wars” mode give the players some further insight into the single player story whilst still utlising the bullet time feature in a team-based game (a first for the series).

Overall the game is great, the story is strong and well written and the graphics of the game really show the contrast between some of the beautiful wealthy locations of Sao Paolo, the poverty stricken favelas, and the bleak New York City streets. Regardless of a slightly clunky control system, Rockstar and Max Payne deliver on all levels. By the time you are finished, you will describe all aspects of your life in the same delightfully morbid way that Max has done for all these years, and hopefully for many more.

Score: 9/10

Update on life

Evening all,

Unfortunately, due to this past week being slightly more hectic then I thought it would be, I haven’t been able to get round to completing a game review.

But we have had a very cute addition to the family. Ian and Zoe have had their first baby, Clark Charles Leslie (SuperBaby!), who was born on the 16th of July. We all went round to their house last night and both baby and mum are doing well. This is my first nephew so I have now entered into the world of being an uncle, and couldn’t be happier.

Work has increasingly taken up a lot of my thought-space lately too as we try to introduce a new computer system without screwing up EVERYTHING, so most nights I tend to be arriving home in a slight zombified state. Which is kinda fitting as I have been using any other spare time to play through Dead Space 2 again.

Now that is a game I could talk about for hours on end. It is one of the few games I have kept since it’s release date, and can’t see myself trading it in any time soon. On my first play-through I attempted the game on hard, and after many long nights of shouting at the game to just give me a chance, and not a lot of ammo, I managed to complete it. I thought about trying Zealot mode next but I just didn’t have it in me to go through it all again quite yet.

So I gave it a break until recently, where I came up with an idea. One of the nice extra features of the game is the ability to carry on all of your achieved power ups, weapons and equipment into a new game on any difficulty. But I’m not quite crazy enough to jump straight into Zealot mode with the minimal amount of weapons and gear I completed the game with previously, so thank EA for easy mode! Even though this play-through was so much easier, I still enjoyed every moment of it. It gave me a chance to remember just how good the game is and how well it is has been written and scripted. I have to be honest, it still makes me jump every time and that’s one of the things I love about it. So I was able to complete the game in less than half the time and within a week. Go me!

Isaac is ready with the best gear and abilities in the game, so bring it on Zealot mode!

Ok, so there was a mini review hidden in there, but I thought it was time I actually updated the blog.

Thanks for reading, and keep an eye out for my next article where I will look into whether advertising restraints for the olympics may be going a little bit too far.

Over & Out

A year can pass so quickly

Hi all,

It has been a little while since my last post, but I would like to talk on a little more of a personal level this time.

This year has been so eventful already, but things began to change for me even before that. Up until last August I was working for Gamestation as a supervisor. It does sound like the dream job, being able to work in a fun atmosphere and selling games. Now don’t get me wrong, you might have guessed already that I love computer games, so being invovled in that industry was (at the time) a dream come true. But as I worked longer and longer for them, I began to realise that this dream job was still in retail. Staff are still treated relatively poorly, benefits can be stripped away from you without a seconds thought and you are constantly under pressure to sell (and rarely praised by anyone above your store’s manager for doing so).

I became complacent, but comfortable working there. So I never found myself really trying hard enough to leave and enter a new career. Fortunately, I have a fantastic partner who has helped me so much ever since I met her. She encouraged me and pushed me to look into new jobs and try to make a change for myself. After searching for quite a long time, I came across an accounts role with City Electrical Factors, and I couldn’t be happier that I was hired. I work with a fantastic team, I am given more and more responsibilities on a regular basis, and the company treats me well. Not to mention the benefit of finally being able to own a car (which I hadn’t done for 4 years since passing my test) and a yearly bonus.

Not everything has been so great this past year, I have lost relatives who have been very dear to me (my great uncle Bobby & my great aunt Vera) and I have had to be there for my Nan who was diagnosed with dementia. But I am stronger then I have ever been before (thank you again Hayley) and I know I can be strong for those that I love.

This strength has given me a tremendous boost in confidence, which has greatly improved my general mood. I am happy to try harder throughout all aspects of my life and I am even working harder on my physical appearence.

And not all good news is just about me, as my brother and his fiancee are expecting their first child within the next few days. They haven’t been told the sex of the child but I cannot wait to welcome the little bundle of joy into the world. This will be my first niece/nephew and as I have never really had close relatives with young children (that I see regularly), it will indeed be a hell of an experience (but an amazing one).

2012 isn’t over yet though, so there is still plenty of time for so much more to happen. I am hoping to go on my first holiday with Hayley later in the year, where we will get to enjoy the wonders of Rome.

As I said before, this is my first personal post and it has been nice to post about things a bit more closer to home. My next post will be a game review, so please check back for the next update. Thanks again for reading.

E3 2012 Announcements Part 2

Hi all,

Today’s game needs very little introduction,


After completing God of War 3 two years ago, I have been waiting for this. Whether it was hinted through teaser websites, trailers or articles, I have been in high anticipation of the next game in the series.

Currently I don’t know a massive amount regarding the storyline of the new game, except that it is based before the previous God of War games. But the gameplay is impressive, the visuals look amazing and the gore is back, stronger than ever.

To give you a better idea of what this new title is all about, here is an E3 gameplay video to give you a taste of what is coming to the PS3.

I hope you enjoyed that vid, as I definitely did! (The rhyming there wasn’t intentional….seriously)

Peace off

E3 2012 Announcements Part 1

Hi all,

It’s that time of year again, where game manufacturers get to show off all their hard work, and Microsoft get to bitch about Sony whilst flogging their latest dance game. When I say flogging, I mean like flogging a dead horse, rather then actually selling a worthwhile title.

Certain announcements have well and truly grabbed my attention this year, such as the new God of War, Watch Dogs, and the new Assassin’s Creed and Resident Evil titles. Others have left me with a mixture of dissapointment, confusion and minor glimpses of hope over titles I’ve loved for years. I am mainly referring to the new Dead Space.

I have been a massive fan of Dead Space ever since the first game was released back in October 2008. This was a game which really surprised me, as at the time I just didn’t know what to make of it before I played it. I even remember being a little put off by the title (for which I am now very sorry for ever doubting). But I was wrong, horribly wrong. This game now holds a special place in my heart, as something which scared the hell out of me more then any other game had before! I’m sure I might get ostracised by the men-folk for being frightened by a game, but until you play this with the lights off, you have no idea.

Before I go into explaining why the game scared me, I will give you a brief synopsis of the game. You play as the faceless (at the time) Isaac Clarke, part of a crew sent to repair a derelict space station and to figure out what happened in the first place. Not long after arriving, you find yourself fighting for your life against the grotesque and mutated alien race (the Necromorphs). As you navigate the harrowing and haunting corridors of the Ishimura, you will have to survive the horrors contained within, whilst trying to learn the true cause of this living hell.

It was this setting which truly helped to create such a frightening experience. Being stuffed into small, dim lit corridors while you fend off monsters attacking from all directions isn’t exactly an easy time. But when you get into the story and get to see just how bad things have got there, it creates a constant eeriness which keeps you on edge throughout. Combine this with some very well placed set pieces, which will make anyone jump, and you are left with a great end product. Even the death scenes add to this. They were just as horrific and gruesome. (If you’re brave, turn the lights off and turn up the surround sound).

After such success with the first game, E.A and Visceral Games went on to create a sequal. The multiplayer may not have been totally necessary but with E.A’s new need to put an online pass in EVERYTHING, they needed to put something which is at least online based. The multiplayer was enjoyable and managed to maintain some of the horror experience, but not a lot of it. However, the main game was something to definetely enjoy. Everything which made the first game so good had been improved upon, and any gore in the previous game had been thrown in a bucket with some extra gore, as the death scenes are even more vile. Also, in my honest opinion it didn’t suffer with any sequal issues which so many series have met before.

But Dead Space 3. Well, I’m not quite sure what to make of it yet. Some new features are just not needed, such as the cover system. I was happy with the control style, and any muddled moments with the controls just created further panic as necromorphs attempted to fling me into space (in bits). Cover-based action seems to be the new direction a game will go if the previous games might need some changes (e.g. Max Payne 3). On the setting of the game I have no problems with it being on a snow planet (although it is a bit like theLost Planet series in that respect)

There is one new feature which got my attention, the drop-in/drop-out co-op gameplay. Isaac is no longer alone in this hell as he is accompanied by Sgt. John Carver. From what I’ve seen of the gameplay so far I think there is some potential behind this decision, as it is not an online-only option. So if you decide that your friend no longer deserves to be anywhere near your console, then you can choose to carry on alone.

I think as a whole, we will have to wait to hear a bit more about this one,  but my love of this series keeps me optimistic.

If you’ve managed to read through this whole blog post today, well done and thank you very much. I do really appreciate people making the time to read through my blog and hope to keep posting regularly. I will do some more E3 posts throughout the next week, so keep checking back more for some more (shorter) insights.

Peace off.


Hi all,

I finished reading Kevin Smith’s Batman graphic novel “Cacophony” this week and I was very impressed. He has been one of my favourite writers/directors for years, but I’ve never read any of his comics, so it was an experience.

I think his writing is most reflected in his take on The Joker. Kevin has never been one to hold his punches, which is a great style of writing to use with a psychotic and twisted character such as the Joker. This dark, but witty, kind of writing shows throughout and keeps you wanting to read right till the end.

It’s a great graphic novel to read and definitely worth a purchase.

“and so it begins…”

So here we start.

You’ll have to excuse any ramblings throughout my early posts. This is my first experience of “blogging”, so I’m sure my writing style will have to adjust over time.

Firstly, hello.

Secondly, an explanation behind the title of this blog.

For those of you who aren’t avid fans of DC Comics, the Red Hood is a prominent Anti-Hero who’s origins are very much related to Batman. Beginning his story as Jason Todd, he became one of the fortunate group to become Robin. Not to go into too much detail, but he goes through a hell of a time and comes back as the Red Hood, a vigilante who’s lines of morality often become blurred. If you do enjoy comics, but haven’t read any Red Hood comics, check out the current running series “Red Hood and the Outlaws” (part of the “new 52” series).

Recently, I began to get into social networking and decided to add a YouTube account to my life, but hit a bit of a wall with thinking of a name for the channel and a username. So I turned to my love of comics for guidance and chose The Red Hood. As you can probably guess this was already taken, along with pretty much every other variant which didn’t consist of a ridiculous number sequence. One option was given to me, “The Redhoodification”. It made me laugh, simple as that. I laughed and smiled, and it worked for me.

So there you have it, a beginning to the blog. I hope to add to this regularly, so please keep checking for new posts and I hope you enjoy.